2020/2021 Club Lambs

Our ewes started lambing April 2020, all lambs born April through July will be offered as Club Lambs for all the Spring Fairs in 2021. These are a few of our lambs, we have several more that are younger than 2 months that have not been clipped yet.  We will be adding them to the portfolio soon.  Club Lambs start out at $250.00 depending on the lamb.

If your interested in a particular lamb please send us message or call.  If you would like to come see the lambs and get hands on, please call/text/fb message to set up a time.

Click on picture to enlarge and view DOB and Tag #

Pictures of the lambs will be updated every two weeks.

Dorper Club Lamb
Dorper Club Lamb
Dorper Club Lamb

Tag # 0050   Pictures Taken 8/10/2020 

Tag # 0050   Pictures Taken 9/11/2020 

0049 10.jpg
0049 6.jpg
0049 5.jpg
0049 8.jpg

Tag # 0049   Pictures Taken 9/11/2020 

Dorper Club Lamb
Dorper Club Lamb
Dorper Club Lamb
Dorper Club Lamb

Tag # 0054   Pictures Taken 9/11/2020 

0058 5.jpg
0058 4.jpg
0058 2.jpg
0058 1.jpg

Tag # 0058  Pictures Taken 9/11/2020 

0068 5.jpg
0068 3.jpg
0068 2.jpg

Tag # 0068  Pictures Taken 9/11/2020 

0086 8.jpg
0086 1.jpg
0086 2.jpg
0086 3.jpg

Tag # 0086  Pictures Taken 9/19/2020 


Tag # 0085  Pictures Taken 9/19/2020