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Our Emotional Support Dorper


Our 2021 lambing season started off in April very normal, nice big healthy lambs, nothing out of the

ordinary. Then on the evening of April 28th I couldn’t believe what I was looking at, the tiniest ewe lamb weighing in at 10.6oz!  Her twin brother weighed in at 7lbs.  I normally never pull a lamb from its mother if it needs extra help with feedings, but she was so tiny I knew if I left her she wouldn’t make it, so I made the decision to bring her inside.   Our lives were forever changed that evening, this little tiny ewe lamb would make such a huge impact on our lives!

Delilah slowly gained on milk from our Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  By a week old she was up to almost 3lbs.  She had a standing appointment with our farm vet whether he saw her or gave me directions via text, her first 3 months were rough. Due to this and bottling feeding she traveled with us almost everywhere!  

Our son Maddox who was 6 at the time, fell in love with her, she would follow him around running as fast as her little legs could go :)  They would play and play hard, chasing each other back add forth, playing hide and go seek, cutest thing ever!! She had the most hysterical pogo stick jumping/leaping which would have all of us laughing so hard it hurt! 

She would go with me to drop and pick Maddox up from school, which was a huge hit with all the kids and teachers!  We even bought her a Halloween Costume, she went as a Dragon :)  She played such a huge role in our family! She lived inside with us for the first 7 months going outside a lot during the day and coming inside to sleep.  Our family dynamics was forever changed!   She was exactly what our family needed at the exact right moment!

I decided to submit Delilah as a Emotional Support Animal simply due to the role she plays within our family.  She truly is the most amazing Dorper and sheep of all time (in our eyes).  She knows when you need extra love or a laugh.  She is the beset hugger and gives soft kisses. 

We have traveled to Oklahoma twice with Delilah, the first time was in November of 2021 to help move my best friend and the 2nd time was April of  2022 for the Mid-American National Dorper Show.  I was planning on bringing her to the Mid-American Dorper Show just to have her with us, but plans changed when Maddox’s Yearling Ewe Youth entry had to be changed due to an error on my part.  The only other ewe he could show was Delilah. 


He is now 7 and has never shown at a big event nor by himself (not without mom).  So she was the obvious next choice for him.  I was really concerned  due to her size (65lbs & 17.5” at the shoulder),  but that soon faded.  It didn’t matter how she did, I was more concerned about Maddox having a good show experience! 


Maddox was so nervous, he had a talk with Delilah the night before the show in our trailer, telling her it was time to be a show sheep :)  The next morning his nerves got the better of him and he got very emotional prior to Showmanship and couldn’t show.  Delilah seemed to sense he was having a hard time and rested her head on him until he calmed down. 


When the Yearling Ewe class was called he entered the ring all smiles!  He and Delilah did great!!!  She didn’t place well, but seeing his smile and his confidence was priceless all in part to a little Dorper named Delilah!!!         

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